How Much Does a Funeral Cost?

There are so many options to consider when arranging a funeral that answering this question is difficult. To better explain, below are a few questions we are able to answer.

What are average funeral expenses?

The average cost of a funeral nationwide is $8,915. You can usually deduct $1,500 - $2,000 if cremation is selected. The average price of a car today is $29,000. A wedding, another family event, averages close to $33,000.

At Berube & Sons Funeral Home, our range of funeral costs last year was $1,100 to $14,900 and the average cost was $4,900. Most importantly, the cost of a service is up to you. Berube & Sons strongly believes that each service should be personally and financially appropriate.

With this information we can break the price down a bit further.

'Berube & Sons strongly believes that each service should be personally and financially appropriate.'

The range for services that included a casket, visitation (wake), and funeral at a church was $5,100 to $14,900 with the average being $6,200. Included in these numbers is the cost of the casket which, on last year's average was $1,800. On the other end, a funeral with no visitation, no wake, no casket and cremation was $1,100 to $4,200 with the average being $2,800.

How much money is needed to be paid by the day of the funeral?

In most circumstances the money needed by the day of the funeral is one half of the goods and services selected from Berube & Sons Funeral Home plus the Cash Advances.  Cash Advances are outside costs related to a funeral.  Cemeteries, clergy, soloists, crematory, burial permits, newspapers, and certified copies of a death certificate are the most common.

Cash Advances can really only be estimated until we know specifically which company or church you are planning to involve.  Cemeteries range from $900 to $2,000 to open a grave.  Of course, purchasing new graves has an additional cost.  Local newspapers range from free to $400 a day for an average size obituary notice, and larger cities' newspapers can be in the area of $500 a day. Churches, soloists, and organists total between $300 to $600. Burial permits and certified copies of a death certificate range from $5 to $25 each.

'Berube & Sons Funeral Home will explain each individual charge and will not add one dollar to any of these costs.'

Payment Policy

Often the death of a loved one is untimely and we try to make all options available to help you with payment.  We are a small business and rely on timely payments to continue to serve our client families.  Cash advances and one half of the remaining balance are due on the day of the service.  We accept payment in the form of Cash, Check, Bank Check, Visa, Master Card, and American Express for our services.  Life Insurance policies that can be directly assigned to the funeral home are also acceptable.  Cash Advances, unfortunately, can not be paid with a credit card.  Oftentimes these companies can accept your credit card directly however if you choose to use a credit card to pay them. 

Think about Pre-Planning

We encourage you to contact us to discuss pre-arrangements.  Whether the arrangements are pre-funded or not we have found that just giving us directions regarding your wishes is invaluable for those who are left behind.  Pre-planning can take less than an hour and you and your family will be happy you were able to make such a large financial decision without the added stress and emotion which come when a loved one passes.  Pre-arrangements are not binding and can be altered, transferred or canceled with a simple phone call.