Simple, Dignified, Cremation

$1,995 Complete


This price breaks down as follows:

Cremation at Harmony Grove Crematory*, including cremation container: $350

Office of the Chief Medical Examiner required permitting for all cremations: $100

Cremation permit from town or city of death: $25

Berube & Sons Funeral Home will bring the deceased to the funeral home where the medical examiner will view and authorize us to file for the necessary cremation permits.  We will obtain a completed certificate of death from the deceased's doctor and file this with the Local, and State Government, and Social Security.  Arrangements will be made for the cremation with Harmony Grove. We will also assist the family with placing the obituary in any desired newspapers as well as our website with an online guestbook.  We will shelter the deceased for the required minimum 48 hour period required by law for all cremations and transport the decedent to the crematory.  Finally, we will pick up the cremated remains from Harmony Grove Crematory* and provide them to you.  Our Professional Service Charge: $1,520

Our Simple, Dignified, Cremation can not be combined with any other services we offer.  This package is designed for people who may be financially limited or for people who wish to have things done as simply as possible.  Adding visitation or a funeral service will incur a different Professional Service Charge.  We will be happy to discuss all options with you.

Please download, print, fill out, and fax or bring these three forms to the funeral home.


*Harmony Grove Crematory is our preferred crematory and is located in Salem.  There may be a need to use a different, also fully licensed crematory due to scheduling.  We will speak to you about this if the need arises.

Payment for this option will be due at the arrangement conference prior to cremation. A minimum mileage charge may occur if death occurs beyond 25 miles of our facility.

For your convenience we accept all major credit cards.

For your convenience we accept all major credit cards.